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Amanda & Chris

Age: Amanda (25) & Chris (28)
Occupation: Amanda (Medical Technician) & Chris (Freelance Graphic Designer)
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Amanda loves to read and listen to music. Amanda describes herself as "very emotional, helpful and compassionate." She comes across as sweet and innocent, but underneath she is a tough, foul-mouthed girl. While Chris tends to be negative, she tends to be positive: good cop, bad cop. Her phobias include spiders, elevators and fear of the dark. Amanda has never traveled outside the United States, but is very excited about the prospect of experiencing new countries and cultures.

Chris is very self-deprecating in his humor, calling himself "abominable, cantankerous and obnoxious." He admits that traveling takes him out of the comfort zone and causes some nervousness. He also has a fear of heights and is leery of flying. He's a perfectionist and tends to be overly critical. During the Race, he plans not only to make fun of the other contestants, but he will also "scheme, betray, plot and backstab more than any other contestant." At the same time, Chris says, Amanda will make peace with the other contestants so as not to upset too many people.

David & Jeff
Best Friends

Age: David (32) & Jeff (37)
Occupation: David (Executive & Owner of a Marketing Agency) & Jeff (Commercial Real Estate Broker; Residential Deisgner & Developer)
David has an MBA from the University of Miami. Past jobs include selling medical devices and working as a personal trainer. He had a football scholarship in college and speaks Spanish well. David describes himself as "ambitious, loyal and passionate," and one of his favorite hobbies is working out. He loves traveling, especially to big cities. He has a fear of heights. David respects President George Bush because thinks he's a great leader. David admits he is crazier than his teammate. He says he's in the Race for the fun, the money and most of all the challenge.

Jeff describes himself as "goal-oriented, confident and grounded." He also thinks of himself as a romantic who is looking forward to the day when he can settle down and start a family. He loves to surf, run and paint. Jeff is a little more reserved than David and takes time to think through a situation before he dives in. His fears include heights and "moving away from the beach." He sets high expectations for himself and finishes what he sets out to accomplish. One of Jeff's real estate accomplishments includes closing a $200 million lease agreement for billionaire Marvin Davis with 20th Century Fox.

Debra & Steve
Married Parents

Age: Debra (49) & Steve (40)
Occupation: Debra (Director of an Artist's Colony) & Steve (Radio News Director)
"We come across as a sweet, loving couple, but we're not!" Debra has two grown kids from a previous marriage. They've been married 8 & 1/2 years, after meeting on a coed softball team Debra "started in order to meet single men." She holds a BA from Northeastern University, an MA from the University of Oklahoma. Debra considers herself "bawdy, outgoing and driven," and enjoys walking, painting and traveling. She's afraid of "heights and dark waters," and sometimes has trouble with her husband/teammate's devotion to his work: she gets jealous. Debra blows off steam by cleaning the house, and admits that she can be a "controlling and dominating know-it-all." She speaks no foreign languages, but has traveled to France, Mexico and Canada. She refuses to eat fish, according to Steve. She's outgoing and pushes boundaries, while Steve is more cautious and reserved, and "always follows the rules." Says Debra, "I raised money for opera in Oklahoma. I think I can do anything."

"We can be sneaky, snide and devious," says Steve. He jokingly claims that he met Debra through "The Great Softball Conspiracy" perpetrated by his wife, but considers their wedding the most exciting moment of his life. His wife/teammate reminds him of Bonnie Hunt. Steve holds a BA from the University of Scranton. He describes himself as "fun, smart and deceptive," but regrets that "sometimes I let opportunities slip through my hands." Steve speaks no foreign languages and has traveled to Canada, Mexico, France, Germany and Belgium. He counts "people skills" among his finer traits.

Jon & Al
Best Friends & Clowns

Age: Jon (40) & Al (34)
Occupation: Jon ("Human Cannonball" for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus) & Al (Substitute Teacher; Crusie Ship Entertainer)
Jon is married with three children. He has traveled with them for the past 20 years and has over 5,000 notches in his cannonball belt. He graduated from Suffolk Community College and has also studied at the Disney Institute and Clown College. Jon is determined to win. He fears "getting into an accident and not being able to support his family." Jon enjoys golf, cooking and watching sports, and describes himself as "friendly, honest and ambitious." He speaks no foreign languages and has traveled to Mexico and Canada. His teammate, Al, most disappoints him with his "lack of trust before performing together. Al gets so nervous he drives me crazy every time." Jon admits that he procrastinates and is a "go-with-the-flow type," while Al "gets stressed out." Of his clowning skills, Jon says, "If I can pick it up, I can balance it on my nose/chin." Al holds a BA in Special Education. Al is a "people person" and no stranger to traveling. When in the circus, he lived on a train for six years traveling the US, in a trailer for 1 & 1/2 years in Europe and on a cruise ship for two years in the Caribbean. He has been to the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Morocco, France Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. He considers himself "friendly, determined, outgoing, compassionate and emotional." He fears heights and eating "yecchy things," getting sick with no help, or "getting stuck in a life-threatening situation with no way out." The only time his teammate, Jon, disappoints him is when he doesn't follow through with things. Jon will be "Mr. Nice Guy," and they'll get "screwed" because he doesn't "bluntly explain what the deal is." They sometimes argue, but if he's upset, Al usually gets quiet first, or he'll go off "alone and just scream out loud or have a good cry." Al's the motivator, while Jon can "waste time."

Kelly & Jon

Age: Kelly (30) & Jon (28)
Occupation: Kelly (Modeling) & Jon (Real Estate Agent)
Hometown: Jon (New Jersey)
Kelly is an aspiring children's book writer. She met her fiancee in a "dive bar" in South Beach, Miami. Kelly admits to being high-strung and obsessive, "athletic, bossy and silly." She enjoys scuba diving, running and traveling, and attended two years of junior college. Kelly and Jon recently had a "bad breakup on their three-year anniversary" over getting married, but since then, they've gotten engaged. Nothing's off-limits in conversation. Kelly believes that she "could fit in at the presidential banquet or at a frat party," though Barbara Bush once told her at a VIP Texan party to "stay away from George." She gets motion sickness and fears spiders, bees, heights and sharks.
Jon has worked as a model and bartender in the past. He's an "all-around good athlete" and graduate of Rutgers University, which he attended on a Lacrosse scholarship. He enjoys skiing and boating and considers himself to be "spontaneous, competitive and funny." Jon claims to have no fears and he often blows off steam by playing football on the beach. He spent some time in Thailand with his teammate and has traveled to Italy, France, Holland, the UK and Portugal. He speaks no foreign languages. Jon describes Kelly as "very sympathetic for others," but admits that one of his pet peeves about himself is that he is extremely critical of other people.

Millie & Chuck
Dating Virgins

Age: Millie (29) & Chuck (28)
Occupation: Millie (Environmental Teacher at the Tennessee Aquarium) & Chuck (Self-Employed)
Hometown: Tennessee
Millie describes herself as a motivated, fun, daredevil/adventurer with no fears, except for mayonnaise: she hates the stuff. She holds a BA in Communication Arts from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, and has lived in Taiwan, teaching English, and traveled to Israel and Russia. Speaks French, conversational Chinese and some Russian. Millie was once on the Tonight Show after Leno bumped into her and her roommate and asked them to "say stupid Baywatch lines in our shower--in bikinis--which we did," so she has a wild side somewhere deep down. She enjoys volleyball, water skiing, rollerblading, snorkeling and swimming, and blows off steam by running, talking (or fighting) with Chuck, praying, and reading the Bible. Millie believes her man Chuck is "hotter than Brad Pitt." On the downside, her man can also be too "anal and meticulous." Millie admits that she's bad with money, too often speaks before she thinks, and that they're both afraid to commit.

Chuck has most recently worked as a valet, hauler, construction worker and personal trainer. A physically active guy, Chuck holds a BS in Exercise Science from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and enjoys playing tennis and skiing. Chuck likes traveling, but has only been to Mexico and Canada. He speaks no foreign languages. Self-described as being "random, deliberate and kind." His only fears while traveling are "criminals if I had to sleep outside." Considers himself slower than his teammate, Millie, whom he says is "more fearless" and "less thoughtful" than himself. Chuck tries to remain calm under pressure or if upset, but admits to having a "unique pouting manner."

Monica & Sheree
NHL Wives and Moms

Age: Monica (29) & Sheree (31)
Occupation: Monica (Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader) & Sheree (Production Assistant)
Monica holds a BA in Journalism from Indiana University, Indianapolis. She enjoys "tennis, acting and watching movies" and considers herself "outgoing, fun-loving and very competitive." She fears snakes, bugs and rats, and in conversation, "anything gross is off-limits." Monica admits to letting her emotions affect her better judgment. She doesn't like cold climates, understands a little Spanish, and had traveled to Antigua, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

Sheree has three kids and describes herself as "outgoing, friendly and patient" and "loves experiencing new cultures and adventures." Whereas her teammate Monica is completely organized, Sheree says she's the complete opposite. She holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Louisville and has had some college experience in television production. Sheree fears "dangerous animals, reptiles and weird-looking men," and anything is game in conversation for her, "unless bodily fluids are being discussed." She speaks "very little French" and has traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, Spain, the Caribbean and Mexico. Sheree blows off steam with a long bubble bath and a "glass of wine...okay, a bottle," and admits that she trusts people way too much and sometimes gets burned. She adds, "I have short-term will power."

Reichen & Chip

Age: Reichen (28) & Chip (36)
Occupation: Reichen (Pilot; Teacher at a Flight School) & Chip (Active Consultant Raising Financing and Setting Up Projects in Film, Music, & Multi-media around the world)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Reichen is a former US Air Force officer and a graduate of the US Air Force academy, he is married to his teammate Chip. He loves skiing and flying and is very into being physically fit. He describes himself as "detail-oriented, caring and thrill-seeking." He speaks French and has traveled internationally quite a bit. Reichen's views on relationship are much more liberal than Chip's -- He enjoys flirting with other guys, but that makes Chip upset. Reichen likens himself to Ben Affleck--"intense"--and says Chip is like Bruce Willis: "steady and true." Reichen says he never procrastinates; he gets things done NOW.

Chip attended Yale and Harvard Business School. He loves hiking in the mountains and participating in triathlons." He describes himself as "determined, free thinking and mindful." He says he is like Winston Churchill: "steady...never say no; anything is possible." Chip lived in Hong Kong for three years, in Paris for six months and in London for two years. He is in great physical shape.

After the race they divorced. Reichen dated Lance Bass but they broke up and he now dates Ryan Barry.

Russell & Cindy
Friends & Dating

Age: Russell (32) & Cindy (39)
Occupation: Russell (Model; Actor; Entrepremeur) & Cindy (Inventor)
Russell describes himself as hilarious and a leader. He loves the adventure of traveling and greatly dislikes losing or failing at anything. He admits he talks a lot, but that he has an ability to get everyone involved. People say he looks like Mel Gibson, but he says he's like the TV character McGyver because he gets things done. He calls Cindy "a female film character James Bond." He is always on the go and cannot stand not to be doing anythingl He claims to be very intuitive, which can be a great gift or a pain in the butt. About his going on the Race with Cindy, Russell declares, "Some people may know their partners better, but that may be what makes us so great to watch: the unknown or X factor."

Cindy describes herself as a former supermodel. She loves to jet ski, play pool and write stories. She describes herself as "loyal, playful and spontaneously adventurous to the point of insanity." She insists on winning; quitting is not an option. Because of her Irish background and being passionate about life, Cindy must blow off steam, and she does so by telling the person off right to their face. She and Russell debate things constantly. She admits that both of them can get a little jealous, and adds, "Russell more than me." Cindy has lived in other countries, such as Japan, Germany, Paris, Ireland and Indonesia. She says she has always had a fantasy of being in a "Jewel of the Nile" situation with a man and hopes THE AMAZING RACE would be that. She says she has a great deal of respect for Russell and that he has never disappointed her. But, she says, both have been so busy that they have had difficulty spending long periods of time together.

Steve & Dave
Air Traffic Controllers

Age: Steve (46) & Dave (43)
Occupation: Air Traffic Controllers
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Steve is a big fan of THE AMAZING RACE and has always wanted to be on the show. He has traveled quite a bit, especially recently, when he went to Russia with his wife and adopted his daughter, Olivia, which he describes as the most exciting moment in his life. He is fascinated by different countries and cultures. He loves watching Andy Griffith marathons on TV and eating pepperoni pizza for breakfast. He loves golf, bowling, movies and Chicago sports. He describes himself as "large, funny and friendly," and compares himself to actor John Candy.

Dave has been married four times and his children are grown; in fact, he is a grandfather. He loves woodworking and bowling and is a big fan of reality TV. He describes himself as "funny, outgoing and persevering." He compares himself to Woody Allen and Cosmo Kramer. He doesn't know any foreign languages, but can swear in Spanish. He is a perfectionist, and that makes it tough to be overweight. His biggest upset was when he and Steve made an operational error together at work, causing two planes to get too close (four miles). They were both decertified and had to go through retraining together. He wants to go on THE AMAZING RACE primarily for the competition and believes he and Steve will do very well.

Steve & Josh
Father and Son

Age: Steve (47) & Josh (21)
Occupation: Steve (Supervisor at a Juvenile Detention Facility) & Josh (Computer Technician)
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Steve's biggest accomplishment is his 22-year marriage to Karen. He is a big fan of THE AMAZING RACE, and when Karen challenged him to go on the show with Josh, it all became clear: father and son needed this trip together. Plus, according to Steve, Josh is really smart and in great physical shape. Steve went to Los Angeles to talk with Josh about it, and found him camped out on Hollywood Boulevard (he had been there for days) waiting for the newest Star Wars movie to premiere. According to Steve, Josh was ecstatic when he asked him to be his teammate on the Race. Since then, Steve has been training by walking miles with a backpack every day. He likens himself to Andy Griffith on Mayberry RFD. He loves to eat, and wishes he had more willpower not to. He and Josh share a love of comic books, and Josh turned him on to building superhero models. He prides himself on being a good negotiator and on being able to bullshit through anything."

Josh is attending a junior college. His hobbies include skateboarding, music and meeting new people. He describes himself as "different, free and happy." When he was younger, Josh raised steers for the Ventura County Fair and won a prize for a bull-calf. He lists this as an accomplishment he is very proud of, along with the fact that he once ate an entire bowl of butter for a dollar and never threw up. Josh is disappointed that until recently, his relationship with his father was so bad that he missed out on a lot. He has a mischievous side and loves to "stir things up." He and his dad share a "messed up sense of humor" and are both very stubborn, but comfortable with themselves. In terms of differences, Josh says, "My old man is soooo conservative it often times drives me insane. I am the polar opposite. My liberal ways are a complete 180 degrees from the way my father intended to raise me." This father/son team should be very interesting to watch make their way around the world!

Tian & Jaree
Friends & Models

Age: Tian (30) & Jaree (33)
Occupation: Tian (Actress; Singer) & Jaree (Model; Actress)
Tian "needs to be the center of attention," according to her teammate, Jaree. Tian likes to skydive, surf, stunt-drive and jump horses, adding that she's "fearless, wild and adventurous." She lived in Paris for six months, has traveled to Switzerland, France, Spain, Colombia, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, St. Tropez and St. Bart's, but speaks no foreign languages. Tian fears sharks and heights, but after having done aerial acrobatics in an L30 Russian Fighter Jet, a fear of heights may not be such an issue. Although these teammates say, "We like to run our mouths, lay out by the pool and check out hot guys," Tian usually doesn't approve of Jaree's choice in men. Jaree has a "more controlling" personality, and Tian is free-spirited and "in it for the adventure."

Jaree spent eight years traveling for work in Europe and the Middle East. A junior college graduate, she speaks no foreign languages and describes herself as the "outgoing, hyper and adventurous" type. Jaree enjoys water sports, precision driving, and horseback riding. She enjoys drinking with Tian, and says that their worst experience together was getting kicked out of a bar in Geneva: some guy grabbed Jaree, so she punched him out, breaking his glasses. Jaree fears cockroaches and being lost. According to her teammate, Jaree is "very controlling."