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Margie & Luke

Age: Margie (50) & Luke (22)
Occupation: Margie (Clinical Research Associate) & Luke (College Graduate)
Hometown: Denver, CO
This mother/son team is determined to show the world that nothing can stop them from living out their dreams. They enjoy hiking and traveling together and share a strong bond. Luke has been deaf since birth and Margie became his link to the hearing world. He uses American Sign Language to communicate.

Luke and his mother have developed their own short hand sign language and the ability to almost read each other's mind – an ability that will undoubtedly come in handy on the road. One of the most moving moments they shared was when Luke surprised his mother by delivering a valedictorian speech at his graduation ceremony from Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.

Margie is looking at this experience as a great opportunity to spend quality time with her son. She describes herself as competitive and a little controlling, but in a good way. She is willing to go anywhere the Race takes her and isn't afraid of adventure. She enjoys hiking and running while Luke also enjoys hiking and biking. Luke describes himself as talkative, determined and adventurous.

Luke hopes to be a role-model for deaf people everywhere while proving that the deaf can do just about anything and to never think otherwise. He believes his knowledge on the topic of anything and everything Race related - he's one of the biggest fans of the show ever - will help his team win.

Margie and Luke are excited to see new places, experience new foods and learn about different cultures – all the while fulfilling a shared dream – to compete and win "The Amazing Race."

Mark & Michael

Age: Mark (48) & Michael (51)
Occupation: Mark (Stuntman/Jockey) & Michael (Stuntman/Actor)
Hometown: Mark (Los Angeles, CA) & Michael (Maui, HI)
This Team of brothers has been competing - against everyone else and each other – their entire life. Standing at 4' 9" these married fathers are ready to prove they have what it takes to win one-million dollars. Mark makes his living as a stuntman and occasionally works as a jockey. This father of two is looking forward to running the Race with his brother in order to continue building on their relationship. Mark believes that the biggest advantage he and his teammate have over their competition is their fitness level and ability to make split second decisions, a skill they have mastered after years of working in physically and mentally demanding fields. Mark enjoys skiing, biking and golfing and describes himself as short, athletic and creative.

Michael is looking forward to working on communication issues he and his brother have had with each other in the past. Michael, also a father of two, splits his time between Maui and Los Angeles. His favorite hobbies include playing music and surfing. He claims that the biggest difference between the two is that he is the surfer and Mark is the skier. Both have worked extensively in films and television including the feature films "Van Helsing," "Spiderman" and "Seabiscuit."

They chose similar paths in their lives and, after years of surfing big waves and racing horses around a track, they're eager to run the Race of a lifetime with one another for a shot at a million dollars.

Tammy & Victor

Age: Tammy (26) & Victor (35)
Occupation: Lawyers
Hometown: Tammy (San Francisco, CA) & Victor (Los Angeles, CA) If they can manage to work together, this smart and sassy brother/sister duo – both with Harvard Law degrees – might have just what it takes to outsmart the competition and cross the finish line first.

Tammy is a litigator who believes that her ability to keep a cool head under pressure, especially with little or no sleep, will lead to success on the Race. Her biggest pet peeve with her brother is that he's a bit of a control freak. This was never more evident than when they recently traveled with friends to China and Victor mapped out the entire trip down to the minute.

Victor is a partner at his law firm and works as a corporate litigator. He is running the Race to see if he and his sister can co-exist in a hyper-competitive situation without driving each other crazy. Victor thinks that his teammate can be immature and selfish and he's hoping the Race will remedy that.

Victor is confident in his decision making and believes his sister should do what he says as he knows best. Tammy would like to prove to Victor that she's not a baby anymore and that it's time he view her as an equal. Victor is modeling his game play after the cut-throat style of Rob and Amber while Tammy prefers Season 12 winners TK and Rachel's laid back approach.

Both have traveled extensively and are supremely confident in their ability to win the million dollar prize.

Mel & Mike

Age: Mel (68) & Mike (38)
Occupation: Mel (Writer, Clergymen) & Mike (Producer, Writer, Actor)
Hometown: Mel (Lynchburg, VA) & Mike (Santa Monica, CA)
Mike and Mel had a pretty typical family life until Mike was 11 years old, which is when Mel told the family that he was gay. Mel and Mike's mother remained married until Mike and his sister, Erinn, went to college. Mel is now married to his life partner of 27 years, Gary Nixon.

Mike works as a writer, director and actor in Los Angeles. His writing credits include the feature films "Nacho Libre" and "School of Rock," in which he also starred opposite Jack Black and Sarah Silverman, as well as the television series "Pasadena." Mike and Mel are eager to spend some quality time racing around the globe. Mike describes himself as entertaining, thoughtful and "ridiculously pale." These two might not be the most physical team on the Race, but they'll surely compensate with their wit and communication skills.

Mel, a gay-rights activist, has worked as a writer, professor, filmmaker and a pastor and is eager to have a once in a lifetime experience with his youngest child. He's confident that his people skills will give him an advantage over some of the other Racers. He describes himself as energetic, caring and passionate and enjoys scuba diving and racquetball. When asked who he would model his style of game play after, he pointed to Season 7 winners Uchenna and Joyce, while Mike will model his game play after the "never say die" attitude of Charla and Mirna.

Mike and Mel are well-traveled, opinionated and huge fans of the Race.

Cara & Jamie
Former NFL Cheerleaders

Age: Cara (26) & Jamie (29)
Occupation: Cara (Law Student) & Jamie (Former Police Officer)
Hometown: Cara (Boca Raton, FL) & Jamie (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Cara and Jaime met four years ago while trying out for the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad. The two made an instant connection and have been friends ever since. Cara is planning to attend law school and Jaime is a former police officer.

Cara, a graduate of UCLA, is currently working for a non-profit fundraising organization benefiting individuals with mental disabilities. She prides herself upon being a loyal and devoted friend. Cara even deferred attending her first year of law school just to support Jaime's dream to run in this Race around the world. Cara is a true thespian who enjoys dancing and singing. She describes herself as compassionate, intelligent and outgoing.

Jaime comes from a family of police officers. Following in her mother and father's footsteps, she graduated from the police academy and donned the uniform for a few years. Jaime is an avid animal lover and volunteers at a non profit no kill shelter for dogs. She was also a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins for six years and was chosen to represent the squad at the 2007 Pro Bowl. Jaime enjoys reading and traveling and describes herself as adventurous, passionate and witty. Cara's biggest pet peeve about Jaime is that she tends to be stubborn and a bit of a control freak, while Jaime claims that Cara is too nice and needs to stop worrying about keeping the peace. Both Jaime and Cara have a highly competitive nature and a need to win.

Don't put it past these two to use their good looks to their advantage for a shot at the million dollars and the chance to become the first ever all female team to win the Race.

Amanda & Kris

Age: Amanda (23) & Kris (24)
Occupation: Amanda (Student) & Kris (Sales Representative)
Hometown: San Diego, CA
This young couple who met more than three years ago hopes to spend the rest of their lives together, but before taking their relationship to the next level they are looking forward to sharing this experience together. Their favorite shared memory is falling in love with each other over bonfires at the beach accompanied by wine and s.mores. They plan on creating many more memories together on the Race and are hoping to fall in love all over again.

Amanda is a communications student at Cal State San Marcos, but is working at a tanning salon until she graduates. She describes herself as outgoing, talkative and generous. When asked what her biggest pet peeve about her teammate is Amanda says that Kris occasionally doesn't seem interested when she is talking to him.

Kris, who was once almost attacked by a bear in Alaska, enjoys hunting, fishing and snow boarding. He currently works as a sales representative for a communications company. He has not had the opportunity to travel much outside of the United States and looks forward to the Race as a chance to explore other cultures and compete against the game's best. He hopes the other Teams are as hungry to win as he is.

Amanda and Kris both have a tendency to be stubborn when it comes to a disagreement, but they realize they must be more open to ideas and solutions from one another in order to propel their team into winning the one million dollars. They feel this is a perfect opportunity to work on their shortcomings and any other communication issues they have. Amanda and Kris have so much in common that they complete each others sentences. One shared characteristic is the ability to make friends wherever they go, which can come in handy when racing around the globe.

Brad & Victoria

Age: Brad (52) & Victoria (47)
Occupation: Brad (Distribution Dispatcher) & Victoria (Tax Manager)
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Married for nine years, Brad and Victoria may not always see eye-to-eye, but they do make a dynamic team. They both have children from previous marriages, this is Victoria's third and Brad's second. Both endearingly concede that they are "stuck with each other."

Victoria was born with hip dysplasia and spent much of her childhood in hospitals, body casts and crutches. Following a recent major foot surgery, she was told that she could never run again. She is now out to prove that anything is possible. She claims that the biggest difference between her and Brad is that she is an optimist while he is cynical. However, she believes they share the same desires and like to be challenged both mentally and physically. Their motto is, "life is not a spectator sport and therefore you should always enjoy each moment that life gives you." Victoria works as a tax manager and Brad is a distribution dispatcher. Brad describes himself as intelligent, straight forward and resourceful. One of his proudest achievements is overcoming drugs and alcohol addiction and remaining clean and sober for 25 years and counting. Brad enjoys pistol shooting, weightlifting and gardening.

This physically fit Team hopes to gain a lifetime of stories and a little bit of glue to reinforce their bond. Regardless of whether they win or lose, they already feel a sense of accomplishment by just being chosen to compete in the show.

Christie & Jodi
Flight Attendants

Age: Christie (37) & Jodi (40)
Occupation: Flight Attendants
Hometown: Christie (Choctaw, OK) & Jodi (Houston, TX)
These two savvy flight attendants met while working on a Southwest Airlines flight six years ago where they made an instant connection. Both admit to being extremely competitive and determined to win.

Christie and Jodi agree they have different personalities, but are confident these differences will be used as a strength on the Race. Christie claims that she is more analytical while Jodi is the reactive one. Her biggest pet peeve about Jodi is that she reacts too fast, while Jodi's pet peeve with Christie is that she asks too many questions.

Christie, who recently married, describes herself as realistic, opportunistic and street-smart. Her primary motivation for running the Race is to challenge herself and to have an experience of a lifetime before she settles down and starts a family.

Jodi is using this experience to test what she is made of. As a divorced, single mother, she lives for her daughter and wants to prove to her that you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to. She describes herself as strong-willed, determined and independent. Jodi enjoys beach volleyball, snow skiing and traveling.

During their 25 years of combined traveling experience, Christie and Jodi have become well-versed in all the ins-and-outs of the travel industry and they're eager to put that valuable knowledge to good use.

Jennifer & Preston

Age: Jennifer (26) & Preston (28)
Occupation: Jennifer (Student) & Preston (Software Manager)
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Jennifer and Preston have been dating for nearly two years. In some ways, they have similar personalities but, for the most part, they couldn't be more different. Preston is a laid back guy that is used to sticking to a routine, while Jennifer hates planning and enjoys spontaneity. One of the qualities they share is that they are both very strong minded individuals and, as a team, they hope to bring out the best in each other and solidify their relationship.

On several occasions they have broken up and made up. Jennifer is ready to plan for her future by either moving forward in her relationship with Preston or ending it and moving forward in her life without him, while Preston has taken the step of moving from Birmingham, Ala. to Columbia, S.C. to be closer to her but still has some reservations about what the future may bring.

Jennifer is currently studying nursing during the day and bartending at night. This self-described driven, outspoken and independent woman enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and shopping. Preston is a software engineer who enjoys working out, hanging out with friends and watching Auburn football. Both are very active and competitive and they feel these qualities will help them work well as a team.

Linda & Steve
Father and Son

Age: Linda (52) & Steve (43)
Occupation: Linda (Customer Service Supervisor) & Steve (Carpenter)
Hometown: Martinsville, VA
This husband and wife team met when Steven went with a date to Linda's house for a party. Linda asked her brother to keep his date occupied while she asked Steven out. They have been together ever since and married for 17 years. They both have children from previous marriages, but treat all of them as their very own.

Linda is nine years older than Steven. She describes herself as smart, hard working and adventurous. Steven loves traveling, making and posting videos online, recycling scrap metal and fishing. He is a Virginia Master Angler. He describes himself as a perfectionist and creative. His one setback is that he suffers from claustrophobia.

Both Linda and Steven are well traveled. The two had a very scary experience traveling through Guatemala where they were robbed of all their money and identification. Luckily they were resourceful enough and found their way back to the states without too much hassle.

Together, they are excited for new experiences that will expand their horizons. They love to compete and are looking forward to sharing this once in a lifetime experience together, while making new friends along the way. Look for the other Teams to completely underestimate these two, but with Linda's analytical mind and Steven's ability to problem solve they could do well.

LaKisha & Jennifer

Age: LaKisha (28) & Jennifer (24)
Occupation: LaKisha (Program Coordinator) & Jennifer (Marketing Assistant)
Hometown: LaKisha (Bronx, NY) & Jennifer (Louisville, KY)
These two former Division 1 College athletes look forward to becoming the first ever all female Team to win the Race. Besides athleticism, these sisters have little in common.

LaKisha works as a youth program coordinator and basketball coach. She hopes the same strengths that make her a good coach - patience and a strong competitive nature - will ultimately make her the best Racer the game has seen. Meanwhile, she claims her sister is very impatient and blunt when it comes to dealing with others or speaking her mind.

Jennifer works as a marketing assistant and newsletter coordinator for an assisted living company. She claims that she is the creative one while LaKisha is the analytical one...two traits that will undoubtedly be tested on the Race. Jennifer is infectiously energetic and confident, played college volleyball at the University of Louisville. LaKisha played basketball for the same school. Both have a competitive drive and are eager to put it to the test against this season's crop of Racers.

Neither sister has traveled extensively outside of the states, but they are looking forward to embarking on this journey of a lifetime together in order to change that. They will run the Race with unstoppable speed and numerous arguments along the way.