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Nancy & Emily
Mother & Daughter

Nancy and Emily are the only parent-and-child Team on THE AMAZING RACE. They've enjoyed traveling extensively together, but have had a few disagreements along the way. They're a strong Team for THE AMAZING RACE because while mother Nancy is good at planning and considerate of others, daughter Emily is impulsive and competitive. After the race Emily dated former competitor Brennan.

Rob & Brennan
Best Friends & Lawyers

Rob and Brennan became close friends a few years ago, when they worked at the same law firm in Los Angeles. They've made lots of short trips together, usually in search of fun. They're a good combination for THE AMAZING RACE because Brennan is an outgoing "adrenaline junkie" with a keen sense of direction, while Rob is organized, driven and competitive. After the race Brennan dated former competitor Emily.

Matt & Ana
Married Couple

Age: Matt (28) & Ana (28)
Occupation: Ex-Army Servers
Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Matt and Ana met in 1995, while they were both in the Army. When they drove together from Washington State to New York, "it was a fun trip and [they] acted like rebels." Their combined strengths make them a good Team for THE AMAZING RACE: while Matt is very hyper and energetic, Ana remains calm and efficient.

Paul & Amie
Engaged Couple

When Paul saw Amie bartending in a Hollywood club in 1999, it was love at first sight. A friend introduced them, and they've been together ever since. They decided to audition for THE AMAZING RACE because they're both competitive and love a good challenge. Together, they make a strong Team: Amie is well traveled and determined; Paul is street-smart and physically fit. After the race they got married.

Frank Margarita
Separated Parents

When Frank and Margarita were teenagers, a mutual friend introduced them, and they hit it off right away. They've had fun traveling together before, because they both enjoy learning about people and experiencing other cultures. They auditioned for THE AMAZING RACE because their combined talents make them a strong Team: Frank is intelligent, level-headed and physically strong; Margarita is patient, intelligent and has a keen intuition. Although they've been separated for a year, they're considering getting back together, and see THE AMAZING RACE as an opportunity to find out how well they can work together. After the race Frank married someone else.

Kim & Leslie
Single Teachers & Best Friends

Age: Kim (28) & Leslie (27)
Occupation: Teachers
Hometown: Baytown, TX
Kim and Leslie met when they became roommates four years ago. Since then, these single teachers have traveled together many times. For THE AMAZING RACE, they'll make a good Team because Leslie is left-brained and Kim is right-brained, and they share a motto: "work hard, play harder."

David & Margaretta
Grandparents & Married 40 Years

Age: David (64) & Margaretta (54)
Occupation: David (Ex Air Force Pilot) & Margaretta (Retired)
Hometown: Rockwall, TX
In 1959, young Air Force pilot David saw Margaretta across a crowded nightclub and begged his friend for an introduction. Forty years later, they've logged lots of travel time together, and their magic is still alive and well. When they heard about THE AMAZING RACE, they knew they'd make a great Team: David is adventurous and an eternal optimist; Margaretta hates to be left behind and enjoys keeping up with David.

Lenny & Karyn

Lenny and Karyn were introduced by a mutual friend at a New York City basketball game in 1999. They've done some traveling together, and have found the experience "laid back and relaxing." They decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they're both very competitive and they have complementary strengths: Karyn is aggressive, focused and very organized, while Lenny is patient and athletic. After the race they broke up and Lenny married someone else.

Joe & Bill
Life Partners

Joe and Bill were introduced by a mutual friend at a Utah ski resort in 1986. They have traveled extensively and happily together, and lived in Paris for two years. When they found out about THE AMAZING RACE on the Internet, they decided that it is the perfect game for them. They make a strong team because they've been partners for fourteen years and are totally compatible traveling companions.

Pat & Brenda
Working Moms & Friends

Age: Pat (42) & Brenda (41)
Occupation: Working Moms
Hometown: Pat (Landenberg, PA) & Brenda (Elkton, MD)
Pat and Brenda met at work about eighteen years ago, when Pat introduced Brenda to her future husband. When they both became mothers in 1987, they took backpacking trips together as a break from home and work responsibilities. Their combined strengths make them a strong Team: whereas Pat is a creative thinker and is not afraid to ask for what she wants, Brenda is laid back and likes to be organized.

Kevin & Drew
Fraternity Brothers

Kevin and Drew met in 1984, when they became fraternity brothers in New York. When they heard about THE AMAZING RACE, they knew that it was "an unbelievable opportunity for two guys who had never been anywhere where you need a passport." They make a strong Team because they're both very competitive, and both feel that "it would sure be nice to win a million dollars!"