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Tyler & James

Age: Tyler (29) & James (27)
Occupation: Models
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Tyler & James are best friends who have each had their share of hard knocks. Several years ago, both men found themselves in rehab for addiction problems and were forced to get to sober. Tyler & James have since embraced their sobriety and have a new lease on life, working as models in Los Angeles, California.

Tyler is admittedly the more intense of the two and has a shorter fuse than James. Since he has traveled the world as a model, Tyler is right at home in any foreign location. He considers himself to be athletic and intelligent and enjoys surfing and golfing.

James has also trekked around the globe as a model. He claims that he can handle stressful situations better than Tyler, a skill that will surely be tested from the moment Phil says the word "go." He describes himself as artistic and reliable and enjoys painting and photography.

Although their traveling experience certainly gives these charming guys a leg up on the competition, will their fun-loving personalities and big smiles be enough to carry them across the finish line first?

Bilal & Sa'eed
Best Friends

Age: Bilal (37) & Sa'eed (39)
Occupation: Sa'eed (Power lineman)
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Bilal & Sa'eed have spent the past 15 years bonding over their love of food, Browns football and their shared Islamic faith. Although they are extremely close, similarities between the two are hard to find. Bilal is outspoken and outgoing while Sa'eed is quiet and reserved. Nevertheless, Bilal's upbeat personality could be the spark that catapults this Team to victory.

Admittedly aggressive and determined, Bilal is the proud father of five children. Having served in the military, he has traveled the world and is eager to hit the road again.

Sa'eed is a father of two. He also served in the military, which allowed him to journey to such places as the Philippines, China, Japan and Morocco. Sa'eed describes himself as passive, a self-starter and friendly. He and Bilal enjoy playing football and basketball together in their spare time.

Despite their personality differences, Bilal & Sa'eed may be a force to be reckoned with, given their traveling experience and determination to win. Their main reason for taking part in THE AMAZING RACE is to show the world a good example of a Muslim.

David & Mary
Coalminer & Wife

Age: David (32) & Mary (31)
Occupation: David (Coalminer) & Mary (Stay-At-Home Mom)
Hometown: Stone, Kentucky
David & Mary are a husband and wife team. They met while working at a McDonald's 10 years ago and have been inseparable since. The proud parents of three children. Their primary motivation for being on THE AMAZING RACE is to expand their horizons and see what the world holds outside of the "Bluegrass State."

David served in the Army before becoming a coal miner, a job he loves. He describes himself as a risk taker, hard working and outgoing. David claims that his biggest accomplishment is being the first person in his family to get his boss papers. His biggest phobias are spiders and deep water.

Mary believes that the greatest difference between her and her husband is that she is more cautious. Just last year, she took her very first vacation and was instantly bitten by the travel bug. Mary wants to compete on the Race to prove to her husband that she is strong and not a quitter.

Since Mary can count the number of times she's been on an airplane on one hand, will this hard working couple be able to navigate their way through four continents and 13 countries without getting lost?

Duke & Lauren
Father & Daughter

Age: Duke (52) & Lauren (26)
Occupation: Duke (Owner & Operator of My Little Town) & Lauren (Speech & Language Pathologist)
Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island
Duke & Lauren are a father and daughter Team from Rhode Island who were estranged for several years following Lauren's "coming out." Both were hurt and disappointed by the experience and hope that running the Race together can help them recapture the closeness they once shared. Duke, a father of three, is the owner and operator of a successful company called My Little Town, which makes New England icons in miniature porcelain. A Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, Duke loves his family and both he and Lauren share the belief that they must win at anything they do, including THE AMAZING RACE.

Lauren is a lesbian who has been involved in a relationship for four years. She enjoys hiking, running and rock climbing and has a competitive streak that should help her along the way. Her primary motivation for competing on the Race is to bond with her father and prove to him that she is still the same person she always was.

Dustin & Kandice
Beauty Queens

Age: 24
Occupation: Dustin (Graduate Student) & Kandice (Rockette at Radio City Music Hall)
Hometown: Dustin (Riverside, CA) & Kandice (New York, NY)
Dustin & Kandice met while rooming together at the Miss America pageant. Rivals at first, they quickly struck a bond and have been best friends ever since.

Dustin was Miss California 2005 and is currently living in Seattle, Washington studying psychology. The more thoughtful and strategic of the two, Dustin describes herself as competitive, energetic and positive. She enjoys Ultimate Frisbee at the beach and body boarding with friends.

Kandice was Miss New York 2005. She describes herself as charismatic, determined and vivacious, and likes dancing, running and doing Pilates in her spare time. Kandice's free-spirited approach towards situations will be tested on the Race, where split-second decisions can be the difference between staying another day and putting away your passport.

Despite their personality differences, these two women share one common characteristic that could prove costly for the other Teams: they are wildly competitive and determined to win at any cost. Their primary reason for competing on the Race is to see the world and share this experience with one another.

Erwin & Godwin

Age: Erwin (32) & Godwin (29)
Occupation: Erwin (Manager of an Insurance Company) & Godwin (Financial Analyst)
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Erwin & Godwin are super competitive brothers from San Francisco, California. Although they are both overachievers, Godwin feels that he grew up in the shadow of his "perfect" Harvard-educated older brother. He believes the Race will provide a great opportunity for him to showcase his talents and prove that he is as capable as Erwin.

Erwin describes himself as being calm, confident and creative. He claims the most exciting moment of his life was his first plane ride "when the world just opened up," and he's been traveling ever since. Godwin is the more ambitious of the two and is not afraid to take risks.

The brothers enjoy working out together and discussing new business ideas. Both men are well-traveled and enjoy the excitement that comes with visiting new places. The siblings are thrilled to have the chance to travel the globe, compete for a million dollars and do some brotherly bonding along the way.

Kellie & Jamie

Age: 22
Occupation: Kellie (Senior at USC) & Jamie (Film Production)
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Kellie & Jamie are southern beauties from Columbia, South Carolina who bring athleticism, intelligence and a sense of teamwork to the Race. They spent their college years as co-captains of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks cheerleading squad and have been best friends since the day they met.

Kellie, a senior at USC working to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism, describes herself as being energetic and driven. Jamie was a member of the National Honor Society at USC, where she obtained her bachelor's degree in advertising. Outgoing and friendly, Jamie enjoys spending time with her family.

Both Kellie & Jamie are competitive and plan to use their good-natured personalities to help them get ahead. The girls are eager to experience the world outside of South Carolina and hope to be the first female Team to win THE AMAZING RACE.

Lyn & Karlyn
Single Moms & Friends

Age: 32
Occupation: Lyn (High School Teacher) & Karlyn (Programmer Analyst)
Hometown: Lyn (Birmingham, Alabama) & Karlyn (Helena, Alabama)
Lyn & Karlyn have been friends since the ninth grade, but the humorous banter that these single moms share makes them seem more like sisters. Referring to themselves as the "Black Debutantes" of the Race, this Alabama duo intends to compete with style, class and dignity.

Lyn, a mother of three, enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Karlyn lives with her daughter. She can be described as crazy, loud and creative and has a fear of flying.

The friends are excited about traveling abroad for the first time together and believe that their resourcefulness and ability to improvise will make them the Team to beat.

Peter & Sarah
Recently Dating

Age: Peter (35) & Sarah (31)
Occupation: Peter (Clinical Prosthetist) & Sarah (Motivational Speaker)
Hometown: Peter (Laguna Beach, CA) & Sarah (Mission Viejo, CA)
Peter & Sarah are both Ironman competitors who share a long history of teamwork. For the past seven years, these triathletes have worked together, trained together and even share unresolved romantic feelings for one another.

Sarah has been an amputee since an early age and, as a woman with a physical disability, there are many obstacles she has yet to overcome. Her proudest accomplishment was being the first women with an artificial leg to finish the Hawaii Ironman Competition. An intense athlete, Sarah competes with passion and energy.

Her partner, Peter conducts clinical and technical seminars around the country for Ossur N.A. Right now, Peter works directly with Brooke Army Medical Center fitting U.S. soldiers who have lost limbs in Iraq or Afghanistan. Peter's expertise is fitting and aligning the newest prosthetic Bionic technology and running prosthesis. These skills allow each solider and patient to achieve their individual goals of returning to an active life. Peter is extremely grateful for his family and friends.

Through their various competitions, Peter & Sarah have experienced each other's emotional highs and lows and are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Both are out to win the Race and show the world that this disability will not stop them from achieving their goals.

Rob & Kimberly

Age: Rob (31) & Kimberly (28)
Occupation: Kimberly (Public Relations)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Rob & Kimberly met while bartending in Los Angeles, California. The young couple has been dating for two years and recently moved in together. Their primary reason for running the Race is to see if their relationship can withstand the intensity and pressure of traveling around the world at such a frantic pace.

Rob is currently enrolled in a real estate course in Los Angeles. He describes himself as goofy and compassionate and claims that the biggest difference between him and Kimberly is that she is more structured while he tends to be a "fly by the seat of your pants" type of guy.

Kimberly enjoys snowboarding, working out and wake boarding. A self-proclaimed goofball, Kimberly also sees herself as being a neat freak and a little clumsy. Clumsiness aside, she will undoubtedly be a physical threat to the other Teams and won't be afraid to do whatever it takes to win the one million dollar prize. Both Rob & Kimberly love to compete and are ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Tom & Terry

Age: Tom (39) & Terry (45)
Occupation: Tom (College Admissions Director) & Terry (Special Events Director)
Hometown: New York City, NY
Tom & Terry are a feisty and fun gay couple who have been dating for the past two years. They clicked at a singles dance party and have been together ever since, but they maintain separate apartments in New York City as they savor their alone time and enjoy the option of going "home" whenever they want.

Tom received his doctorate from Teacher's College at Columbia University. An avid runner, Tom can be described as athletic and energetic. He has completed five New York City Marathons.

Terry is an obsessive clean freak who even carries his fussiness over to his food preparations. Terry describes himself as crazy, hyper and funny. He once performed as a clown on roller blades in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Although there is constant nitpicking between the couple, their tension is always diffused by laughter. Both are looking forward to the thrill of the Race, the possibility of strengthening their relationship and winning one million dollars.

Vipul & Arti

Age: Vipul (29) & Arti (26)
Occupation: Vipul (Sales) & Arti (Nutritional Educator)
Hometown: Windermere, Florida
Vipul & Arti are Race enthusiasts, who also happen to be the first Indian-American Team to ever compete on THE AMAZING RACE. Happily married, the couple met in their teens when Arti would come over to Vipul's house to do Tae Bo with his sister.

Vipul was born in India before moving to Florida. He claims that the biggest difference between him and his wife is that he is strong-willed while Arti is a pushover. Vipul describes himself as fun, witty and hyper. He admittedly can be overzealous at times.

Arti prides herself on her ability to calm Vipul down when he gets too excited, a skill she will most likely need to call upon during the Race. She considers herself to be adventurous, dependable and fun-loving.

Vipul & Arti are well-traveled and speak several languages. Their primary motivation for competing on THE AMAZING RACE is to see the world with each other and meet new people.