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Oswald & Danny
Best Friends

Age: Oswald (31) & Danny (36)
Occupation: Oswald (Ad Agency Consultant) & Danny (Real Estate Investor; Property Manager)
Hometown: Miami, FL
Oswald and Danny met in 1994 and gradually became friends. When Danny's life partner died, Oswald was there to help, and in Danny's words, the two "became partners in crime." Oswald and Danny have traveled extensively together, mostly to Los Angeles and New York, but also to Paris, Milan, and Berlin. On their travels, they "had amazing new experiences and most of all, lots of fun."

The pair decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they expect the experience to bring them closer together. "Only someone like Oswald could be strong enough to endure the kind of life-changing experiences that a project like this may bring," said Danny. Oswald added, "We balance each other perfectly."

Hope & Norm
Married Parents

Age: Hope (38) & Norm (39)
Occupation: Hope (Real Estate) & Norm (Sales Rep.)
Hometown: Clinton, TN
Hope and Norm were 20 years old when they met in Clinton, Tennessee. It was July 1983, the summer before their junior year in college. Norm played it cool, waiting about a month before asking Hope out. After dating Norm for three years, Hope moved to Clinton and the two were married. They've done a little traveling together, and both have enjoyed the adventure and the quality time together.

Hope and Norm decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE mostly for the challenge and the adventure. According to Hope, "I would not have signed up with anyone else! Norm could complete the race with anyone and have a great time. Our strengths are that we compliment each other's weaknesses." When thinking about how participating in THE AMAZING RACE will affect their relationship, Hope says, "We think that the Race will make us stronger and will add to our memories of one another that will last a lifetime."

Mary & Peach

Age: Mary (38) & Peach (33)
Occupation: Mary (Adventure Trip Organizer; Co-Owner Hair Salon) & Peach (Hair Stylist; Co-Owner Hair Salon)
Hometown: Sunbury, PA & Paxinos, PA
Sisters Mary and Peach have done quite a bit of traveling together in the past, usually when Mary forces Peach to go so that she can grow as a person. As a Team, they're a study in opposites. Whereas Peach prefers 5 Star hotels and Gucci, Mary likes backpacking and dirt. Mary insists that "Peach likes to shower, but I don't."

Peach is a bit concerned about the rigors ahead in THE AMAZING RACE. Before applying, she had never ever put on a backpack; the first time she did, she fell over backwards. In public, this Team tends to attract attention: "Whenever we are together, people stare at us and ask us what are we doing, because we are causing so much chaos. When we tell them we are sisters, they are in shock!"

Gary & Dave
Former Roommates

Age: Gary (33) & Dave (28)
Occupation: Writers
Hometown: New York, NY & Brooklyn, NY
Writers Gary and Dave met during a job interview. According to Gary, "It was a chilly winter in Chicago about five years ago. We hung out drinking beers. We didn't like each other then, and we don't now." The two once went on a cross-country road trip together, and Gary claims that they "couldn't go three turn-offs without getting into a fight. The best part of traveling together is always having someone to yell at, but that's the worst part too." Dave's version is slightly different: "Worst aspect--Gary consistently getting us lost. Best aspect--my sense of direction."

Gary and Dave decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they "were running out of unemployment checks in NYC and needed to find a new racket." When pondering how THE AMAZING RACE might affect their relationship, Dave says, "Well, I figure it couldn't get any weaker." Gary agrees: "We figure the relationship won't get any more strained…. If anything, we figure it will have to strengthen it."

Diedre & Hillary
Mother & Daughter

Age: Diedre (51) & Hillary (23)
Occupation: Diedre (Financial Advisor) & Hillary (Nude Model for Art School)
Hometown: Miami, FL & Brooklyn, NY
Mother and daughter Deidre and Hillary have done quite a bit of traveling together. When Deidre was a flight attendant, she sometimes pulled Hillary out of school and took her on trips. When they travel, Hillary's pet peeve is when Deidre combs her hair and gets it all over the bathroom floor. But "she is so much fun to be around," Hillary adds, "We laugh like crazy people when we are together."

Deidre and Hillary decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because, in Hillary's words, "Who wouldn't want two SENSATIONAL girls to make the world laugh?" She adds, "I think this experience will help my mom see life through my eyes and understand me more as a friend and not only as a daughter."

Tara & Wil
Separated Couple

Age: Tara (31) & Wil (36)
Occupation: Home Furniture Designers
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Tara and Wil met five years ago on what Tara calls "a blind date from hell." They travel together frequently, and usually get along quite well, disagreeing mostly on financial issues. According to Wil, the best aspect of traveling with Tara is that they both know what they are doing; the worst aspect is that "Tara has to eat vegetarian."
The pair decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they are business partners. Wil thinks the experience might bring them closer together, but Tara has a slightly different take: "Our relationship is so screwed up, I don't think it will affect it either way."

Shola & Doyin
Twin Brothers

Age: 27
Occupation: Independent Contractors
Hometown: Albany, NY
Despite their incredibly close relationship, identical twins Shola and Doyin haven't really traveled together much, so neither knows exactly what to expect during THE AMAZING RACE.

They decided to team up for the Race partly to put their relationship to the test. Shola adds, "The idea of being able to travel all over the world, while competing on a worldwide stage for $1 million, and to do it all with my twin brother, is way too enticing for me to pass up." Going into the Race, both feel that the experience will strengthen their relationship.

Chris & Alex
Lifelong Friends

Age: Chris (25) & Alex (24)
Occupation: Night Club Bouncer
Hometown: Boston, MA
Chris and Alex met on the school bus heading for their first day of kindergarten, and have been friends ever since. They've traveled extensively together, logging "about a million miles on road trips." According to Alex, "The best thing about traveling with Chris is that he is just as crazy as I am." Chris counters with his own assessment: "The best aspects of traveling with Alex are his extensive travel experience and his uncanny ability to get us into some very interesting situations. The only weakness he has is that he's a loose cannon, but you get used to that."

Going into the Race, Chris and Alex speculate about how the experience might affect their relationship. "Since day one we were like brothers," says Chris, "and even an amazing experience like THE AMAZING RACE wouldn't change us being like family." Alex agrees: "Chris and I have stayed friends through thick and thin. Nothing, not even this Race, would affect things between us. No matter if Chris makes a good or bad decision on the road, I will back him 100%."

Peggy & Claire
Grandmothers & Friends

Age: Peggy (63) & Claire (65)
Occupation: Peggy (Resort Concierge) & Claire (Retired)
Hometown: Truckee, CA & Los Gatos, CA
Peggy and Claire met about four years ago, while walking their dogs at a lake in the sierras. Their dogs quickly struck up a friendship, and so did Peggy and Claire. Last year the two spent ten days together in Santa Monica, California, and enjoyed the experience very much. The greatest difficulty was the fact that Peggy is an early riser, while Claire prefers to sleep in. When Peggy saw the AMAZING RACE application on the CBS website she called Claire, and both agreed that it would be fun to compete.

When considering how their experience in THE AMAZING RACE might change their relationship, Peggy observes, "Between the two of us, we're a hundred and twenty-something years old. It would take something more earth shattering than a TV show to change our relationship. There are some advantages to growing old! You don't sweat the small stuff."

Blake & Paige
Brother & Sister

Age: Blake (25) & Paige (21)
Occupation: Blake (Owner of Advertising Firm) & Paige (College Student at Arizona State University)
Hometown: Nashville, TN & Arlington, TX
Brother and sister Blake and Paige have quite a bit of experience traveling together, mainly on family vacations. Both agree that those times were fun, because they were "always entertaining each other and making each other laugh." They disagree, though, on the downside of those vacations. Whereas Blake claims that "the worst was Paige always getting special treatment, since she is 'Daddy's Girl'"; Paige insists that "the worst was Blake doing everything possible to keep me away from any guys I met."

The pair decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they both love adventure but have not traveled much outside the U.S. They were separated all through college and saw this as a great way to reunite and do what they both love to do: compete. Blake thinks that participating in THE AMAZING RACE will enhance their relationship and provide them with stories to tell their friends for years to come. His only concern is that they both like to be in control of the situation. Paige worries that they'll drive each other crazy, but also has faith that their love and friendship will get them through the toughest times.

Cyndi & Russell
Pastors & Married Parents

Age: Cyndi (45) & Russell (46)
Occupation: Pastors
Hometown: Brainerd, MN
Cyndi and Russell met in the tenth grade at Hutchinson High School in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Cyndi was a new transfer student that year, and the two have been together ever since. During their 28-year marriage, they have traveled together many times. Because they live in a cold place, they like to head south to the ocean for a couple of weeks in winter; thus their best travel experiences usually involve lying on a beach. According to Cyndi, "Our worst travel experience is when I have tried to 'get by cheap' and we end up in a dive and have to scramble for a hotel at the last minute."

Russell and Cyndi decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE "to face the challenge of racing around the world, seeing all the beautiful locations, but most importantly, building a lifetime memory with each other." As they approach the starting line, they resolve that "win or lose, we will allow this experience to draw us closer together. Our relationship with God and each other cannot be measured in any dollar amount."