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Season 25

The new season will feature 11 new teams.

The teams are:
Adam and Bethany
Amy and Maya
Brooke and Robbie
Dennis and Isabelle
Keith and Whitney
Kym and Alli
Lisa and Michelle
Michael and Scott
Misti and Jim
Shelley and Nici
Tim and Te Jay

Season 24: All-Stars

The new season of the Amazing Race is an All-Stars season. It will feature 11 past teams all of which have either won or lost.

The teams are:
Brendan and Rachel—Season 20
Globetrotters: Flight Time and Big Easy—Seasons 15 and 18
Twinnies: Natalie and Nadiya—Season 20
Meghan and Joey—Season 22
Leo and Jamal—Season 23
Caroline and Jennifer—Season 22
Jet and Cord—Season 16 and 18
Bopper and Mark—Season 20
Jessica and John—Season 22
Dave and Conner—Season 22
Margie and Luke—Season 14 and 18

My favorite teams are Margie and Luke, Jet and Cord, Bopper and Mark, and Caroline and Jennifer. I am excited for this season and cannot wait to watch it. This all-stars has a lot of my favorite teams.

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