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Pit Stop

Information for the pit stops is finally finished. The information shows what position each team checked in at the pit stop each leg of the race. It also shows what country and city the teams were at on each leg of the race.

Season 17 Finale

Can you believe last night’s season 17 finale episode. We finally have our very first all women team to win the race. This is a history for the Amazing Race. It took 9 years and 17 seasons to achieve this but wow, amazing. I personally wanted to see an all women team win but I really wanted Jill and Thomas win. They came in 3rd but that was alright.

Next season is bound to be a great one. I’m so happy that they brought back Luke & Margie and Jaime & Cara. I loved both teams from season 14. I especially loved Luke & Margie. I can’t believe that they brought back Kisha and Jen. After what Kisha did to Luke I can’t stand them. I admit that I hate them. I hope they are the first to get eliminated. I think there are just way too many teams from season 14 that are returning. They should have picked more teams from other seasons. I can’t wait for the new season. The first episode will be on February 20, 2011. Don’t forget to check it out. I’ll post here when I know the exact teams and information on each leg of the race.

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