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Season 29—Episode 8

Brook and Scott u-turned Liz and Michael. Tara and Joey saw this and decided to u-turn to Becca and Floyd to give Liz and Mike a chance to stay in the game. Both Liz & Michael and Becca & Floyd got lost driving through Greece and got to the first roadbloack about the same time. Since Liz and Michael had to do a speed bump they could not pass Becca and Floyd and was eliminated.

Season 29—Episode 6

One team, Team Vanck & Ashton, was targeted by all the other teams. This episode had a double u-turn. the teams decided that one of them would u-turn Vanck & Ashton and then another team would u-urn the team that u-turned Vanck & Ashton. It did not matter when they arrived at the double u-turm because they would have been guaranteed to be u-turned. This means that they will be the only team that has to do both roadblock. Because of this they were eliminated.

I felt bad for them for being targeted like this. People shouldn’t treat others like this even if they don’t like them. I know this is a race for $1,000,000 but I consider what the teams did as being bullies. None of them deserve to win but I know one of them has to win. I hope they will bring Vanck & Ashton back in another Unfinished Business season.

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