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Season 25 Episode 8

Upon arrival in the Maltese capital city of Valletta, teams had to head to the Bridge Bar and were given a drink order from the bartender consisting of a bottle of liquor and two glasses. They then had to carry the order on a tray up Saint Ursula street’s staircase to the Upper Barrakka Gardens where a group of the Knights of Malta waited for their order. If either teammate dropped anything from their tray along the way up the steps, they would have to go back down to the Bridge Bar and pick up a broom and dustpan to clean up before the bartender would replace their broken items. Once teams successfully delivered the order to the Knights, they would give them their next clue.

At Zurrieq Valley Sea Inlet, teams had to found a series of Maltese cross necklaces with times for the next morning marked on them, requiring teams to set up camp overnight.

The leg’s Roadblock where one team member had to rappel down into the Blue Grotto, and once in the water swim into the cave to pick up their next clue. They then rejoined their teammates in waiting boats and were taken ashore where they discovered they were to pick up their next clue at the Triq Antika near the Monastery of St. Scholastica in Birgu.

For arriving last in the previous leg, Tim and Te Jay had to travel to Saint Lawrence’s Church Oratory and find two shields that they had to paint the Maltese cross on. Once they were done, they could go back and perform the Detour. Teams faced with the first Blind Detour, with their choice between Flag or Shine, and would learn more about the task once they got there. In Flag, teams headed to a part of Birgu Harbour and found that they were to participate in the traditional Maltese game of gostra, running up a greased log over the harbor to grab flags. Once one team member managed to get a yellow flag and the other got a red flag, they were given their next clue. In Shine, teams went to the Gate of Provence where they had to polish a set of armor. After each getting a helmet and chestplate down from a wall, teams had to put on the armor pieces and polish each other’s armor while wearing it. Once the knights were pleased with their work, they would award them their next clue.

Tim and Te Jay arrived last at the Pit Stop and were eliminated.

Season 25 Episode 7

This episode was The Amazing Race’s 300th episode.

Upon arrival in Palermo, teams had to head to the Teatro di Verdura for their first clue. However, they found a series of tambourines marked with a time the following morning, telling them to instead spend the night dancing the tarantella with a band of musicians.

The leg’s Roadblock where one team member drove a go-kart along the old route of the Targa Florio auto race around Mount Pellegrino. If they could complete the course within 4 minutes and 7 seconds, they would receive their next clue from racing legend Nino Vaccarella. If not, they would have to follow the pace car back to the starting line and try again, around a 20-minute wait. Once the racers got their next clue, they would be driven back down the mountain by a retired race car driver to join their teammate at the Antico Stabilimento Balneare.

The Detour was a choice of Painters and Posers. In Painters, teams traveled to the Tonnara Florio where they had to restore a fresco while lying on their backs on a high scaffolding, as Michelangelo (according to legend) did when painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Once the artist was pleased with their work, she would give them their next clue. Teams were warned that there were only 4 available spots at the Painters Detour, leaving the others to wait or switch tasks. In Posers, teams headed to the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi and watched a series of opera performers. They then had to head back stage and match the performers to their costumes, characters, and plays in the order the performers sang by writing down the answers in a playbook. Once the costumista judged their playbook correct, teams would receive their next clue.

Tim and Te Jay arrived last at the Pit Stop but it was a non-elimination leg so they were not eliminated.

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