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Season 29—Episode 1

In this first episode contestants arrived at the starting line unpaired. They had to complete a challenge prior to the start of the Race to determine the pairings. Selections were based solely on first impressions and information learned during the challenge. Jessie had the final pick, and thus was paired with Francesca by default.

• Seth → Olive—#TeamAmerica

• Matt → Redmond—#TheBoys

• Shamir → Sara—#TeamSandSexpress

• Scott → Brooke—#TeamWill&Grace

• Becca → Floyd—#TeamFun

• Vanck → Ashton—#TeamVanck&Ashton

• Tara → Joey—#TeamMom&Dad

• London → Logan—#TeamLoLo

• Jenn → Kevin—#LongHairDontCare

• Michael → Liz—#TeamLizandMike

• Jessie → Francesca—#TeamSwoleSisters

Kevin and Jenn arrived 10th at the Pit Stop. However, they failed to complete either side of the Detour before darkness made it too unsafe to continue and they were issued a two-hour penalty upon reaching the Pit Stop. Liz & Michael checked in during the penalty time, which dropped Kevin & Jenn to last place and resulted in their elimination.

Season 29—Cast

The cast of this season will be made up of 22 contestants who do not know each other.

• Shamir Arzeno—28 year-old Banking Firm Associate from Bronk, New York

• Logan Bauer—27 year-old Orthopedic Device Specialist from Navarre, Florida

• Olive Beauregard—24 yer-old Firefighter from Providence, Rhode Island

• Brooke Camhi—36 year-old Business Development Director from Lynbrook, New York

• Tara Carr—38 year-old U.S. Army Officer from Alexandria, Virginia

• Joey Covino—46 year-old Police Sergeant from Boston Massachusetts

• Becca Droz—26 year-old Rock Climbing Instructor & Barista from Pittshburgh, Pennsylvania

• Liz Esprey—24 year-old Auctioneer from Maryville, Missouri

• Scott Flanary—34 year-old University Recruiting Manager from Charlotte, North Carolina

• Sara Fowler—27 year-old Luxury Real Estate Agent from Baltimore, Maryland

• London Kaye—27 year-old Street Artist from New York,New York

• Matt Ladley—25 year-old Professional Snowboarder from Steamboat Springs, Colorado

• Jenn Lee—25 year-old Professional Model from Palos Verdes, California

• Kevin Ng—31 year-old Athletic Trainer from San Diego, California

• Francesca Piccoli—33 year-old U.S. Army from Banning, California

• Floyd Pierce—21 year-old College Student from Highlands Ranch, Colorado

• Michael Rado—37 year-old Butcher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• Redmond Ramos—28 year-old Motivational Speaker from Fremont, California

• Jessica “Jessie” Lynn Shields—28 year-old K9 Police Officer from Howland, Ohio

• Ashton Theiss—25 year-old Real Estate Agent from Fort Worth, Texas

• Seth Tyler—37 year-old Police Officer from Seattle, Washington

• Vanck Zhu—28 year-old Investment Researcher from Saint Paul, Minnesota

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